Monday, February 15, 2010

Garlic, Onion and Chorizo - Portugeese Main Courses

Quote of the Concept
For each mouth, a different soup." Portuguese Proverb

It seems that the Portuguese use garlic, onion and a lovely Chorizo sausage to flavor their cooking as much as other cultures use salt and water, with the outcome as aromatic and enticing taste delights.
Carol, a Portuguese American friend and cook extraordinary recommended most of the following menu.  Tied for first place were the Portuguese Clams Stew and the Chorizo Stuffing in the chicken. (Yes, ‘clams’ is plural on purpose and there is Chorizo in it.) Second place tie was the St. John’s Club Kale Soup (more Chorizo) and the Salad (No Chorizo!).  St. John’s Club is located in River Falls, Massachusetts where 47% of its current citizens claim Portuguese heritage and is the hometown of Carol and Emeril Lagasse.  The soup recipe may come from Massachusetts but YELLS Portuguese authenticity.
The Salt Cod Count of Guarda link below is not the exact recipe we used; it is very close.
Celebrating Portugal Main Course Menu included:

^St. a Sopa de Couve de Clube de John
(St. John’s Club Kale Soup)

*Salada de Arroz, Atum e Tomate
(Rice, Tuna and Tomato Salad)

Carne Cozida de AmĂȘijoas de Portugeese (Portuguese Clams Stew)

*Bacalahu a Conde da Guarda
Salt Cod Count of Guarda

^Chorizo Encheu Galinha Assada
(Chorizo Stuffed Roasted Chicken)

*Costeletetas de Porco a Alentejana
(Pork Chops Alentejo-Style)

Recipes from:
*The Food of Portugal by Jean Anderson
 1986, updated 1994 HarpersCollins Publishers
^Emeril’s TV Dinners by Emeril Lagasse
 1986 William Morrow and Company, Inc.
+ Food Network contributed by Emeril Lagasse
 2010 Scripps Networks, LLC