Sunday, December 13, 2009

Heart and Soul of a Dining Cooking Club: What makes it work?

Quote of the Concept
What we know about individuals, no matter how rich the details, will never give us the ability to predict how they will behave as a system. Once individuals link together they become something different ... Relationships change us, reveal us, evoke more from us. Only when we join with others do our gifts become visible, even to ourselves. Source: Off the net... Contributed by: Jeff Hutner

This dinner club is noted for it’s outstanding food, cultural research, and playful experimentation. Those aspects alone would make it a group worthy of membership. Deeper reflection uncovers what makes it a deeply soul satisfying experience and changes us each time we meet.

Our Dining Club 
What makes it work?

    Delightful Flair
     Inquisitive Listening
      Artistry - Creativity

       Generosity of spirit
        Sharing of

and stories - ours and the people we meet 
Generous Curious Hearts
 without pretension or competition

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