Saturday, December 5, 2009

Subo (Pan- Asian mostly Filipino cusine)

Quote of the Concept
Sabotage’, from the French language, meaning to deliberately destroy. ‘Subo’, from the Tagalog language of the Philippenes, meaning to feed. By combining these two words I like to call your dining with us a deliberate feeding. With my background growing up in my filipino home under the comfort of my mother’s cooking, and my formal french training under great chefs from the west coast to the east coast, I blend the two experiences to create a uniquely energetic dining experience. Neil Guillen, Chef

Earlier I wrote about finding great restaurants on references from friends; what follows is good example of how folks who love to eat and to celebrate cultures network.  Gary King, a friend from the Philippine Scholars program wrote the following unsolicited message; it is shared with his permission. 

Subo at 89 South 10th Street, between Nicollet and Marquette.  
Glen and I and Joe and Rose ate dinner last night at a “soft” opening of the newest Minnapolis restaurant, SUBO = “to feed”, and it was super.  Not only because our son Geoff is the sous chef, and because the top chef Neil is Filipino, but also because it was a happy, friendly, charming place, with amazing food.

They offer Pan-Asian food, mostly Filipino.  We had Sinigang soup with shrimp and mussels, chicken adobo, lumpia Shanghai, green papaya salad, garlic fried rice, sweet pork sausage (candy pork), breaded tilapia (nearly like coconut shrimp), lechon Kawali, and then three desert sampler with turon wrapped in banana leaves, with a mango sauce, a chocolate mousse, and coconut crème broulee with lemon grass.  (Six people, $80)

Fantastic food.

Some of their description:  Subo is a dynamic new restaurant with fresh and friendly service that welcomes adventure, culture and a sense of style.  Our chef, Neil Guillen, brings his Filipino background along with his classical French technique to deliver a unique food experience.  Located in downtown Minneapolis, Subo offers great ingredients prepared on small plates meant to be shared.

They have about 25 dishes.  Each plate costs $5 to $7.  If each person in your party orders two plates, you have a great meal, and not too expensive.  They can compete with fast food downtown, since their plates are quick to be served.  ALL THINGS ARE COOKED FRESH, ON SITE!

Today, it is now open for lunch and dinner, all days but Sunday and major holidays.  Lots of meters on the streets, free after 6 PM.  You might arrange for a private party, especially brunch, in the future.

Call  612-886-2377 for reservations.  Host Ian and manager Johann will treat you well, especially if you say the Kings sent you!   Ask if Geoff is on duty.   They have many details about the concept of the restaurant, the foods, the cultures.  They love to talk about it:  and show it!!!!

The cuisine is amazing!!!
Happy dining!


Geoff King is sous chef, and he studied at NECI, the New England Culinary Arts Institute 
Neil Guillen is the head chef.  He studied at the CIA  Culinary Arts Institute in New York City.
The manager, who is from France and very suave is Johann:

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